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Imaging Modalities to Assist with
Guiding Therapy and the Evaluation of Patients with Heart Failure

Innovations in imaging create the potential for earlier, less invasive, more accurate and cost-efficient diagnoses of disease which could improve health outcomes. Imaging is also one of the fastest growing health care expenditures, underscoring the need to ensure efficient development, implementation and use that provides value to patients and society. However, such evaluation of clinical and economic impact lags behind the pace of the technology. The 2007 ICRH NFP workshop identified the urgent need for ‘improved evaluation of imaging in relation to outcomes; and translation from bench to bedside.’ This was particularly true for patients with heart failure.

Despite advances in therapy, morbidity and mortality for heart failure (HF) remains high. Several new and emerging imaging biomarkers in HF show considerable potential for improving patient care. However, the clinical application of these novel technologies is justified only if they provide incremental information that can impact diagnosis leading to management decisions that result in improved outcomes, quality of life (QoL) and/or reduced costs.

IMAGE-HF has been established as a synergistic multi-disciplinary, multi-modality, international multi-centre initiative with teams in Canada, Finland, US, Brazil and Argentina. This novel initiative will evaluate the use of various cardiac imaging modalities such as PET/CT, CMR, Echo and SPECT, using existing clinical practice strategies for HF and their links to relevant outcomes. In addition a unique translational platform will be created, for the evaluation of imaging biomarkers in animal models of HF and in HF patient populations.

IMAGE-HF is one of four CIHR Canadian Imaging teams. Please visit Canadian Clinical Imaging Initiatives to learn more about this uniquely Canadian initiative.